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"We were all so worried about SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome] that we made absolutely sure that every one of our flight attendants and pilots got one of the updated Bio-Hazard Alert Detectors Plus. Sure they cost a little more, but they include the special micro-chip that detects the newest, most virulent bacteria and viruses."

— Airline Official

"We've used products from Tom McWhortle's company for years now, and we've come to depend upon the high quality that he insists upon. He actually created the personal Bio-Hazard Alert Detector in July 2001. But until this latest anthrax scare, he had no reason to broadly market the product to the public. Boy has he got a gold mine now. All of our employees have a Bio-Hazard Alert Detector with them at all times. Nowadays, nobody should be without them, especially if you go to sports games, take subways, or go other places that terrorists are going to target."

— CFO of Fortune 100 Company

"It is just downright scary, what those terrorists could do. But the Bio-Hazard Alert Detector has put my mind at ease. I saw the training video they show to the salesmen — it is incredible! Only two spores per liter of air make it buzz loudly. Any more and it also lights up. I've felt safe going out now that I have my Bio-Hazard Alert Detector. Thanks, Tom!"

— M. L., Cincinnati, Ohio

"I didn't have to think twice when Tom McWhortle called to line up financing. We've been following his company for years. It is the most consistently profitable in its class, with a highly stable roster of clients. I know that the whole McWhortle family sees this new direction [marketing the Bio-Hazard Alert to individuals] as something they really want to do for the public. They don't need this product line. They are only doing it because they've always been patriotic Americans."

— A. F., analyst, major investment banking firm