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December 15, 2004: McWhortle Enterprises issued a statement today that it was honored to have won the International Peace Keeping Association’s Humanitarian Medal (Corporate Division). The company was recognized for its outreach efforts to prevent massive outbreaks of various strains of viruses, including a feared flu pandemic, Ebola virus and H5N1, the deadly “bird flu” virus. All of these, and more, can be isolated and identified through use of the McWhortle micro-chip enabled detectors. McWhortle has donated thousands of detectors to aid workers world wide. Stock prices have risen exponentially as word has spread about the success of these tools in combating serious illness.

June 15, 2004: McWhortle Enterprises has begun contacting major vaccine producers, warning of projected shortfalls in flu and other critical vaccines. The new McWhortle micro-chip flu and disease detector is expected to be a world-wide best seller, as people seek to avoid debilitating illnesses this Winter. McWhortle President Tom McWhortle publicly pledged to donate 150,000 micro-chip enabled detectors to the World Health Organization, in an effort to help their personnel stay healthy this winter. Shipments are expected to begin by late August, 2004.

December 30, 2003: McWhortle Enterprises today announced that it has received 4 patents on its computer micro-chip detector. This detector reacts to all kinds of airborne virus. The micro-chip has recently entered clinical trials to determine if it might be useful for detecting flu virus. Company officials have been cautiously optimistic about the prospects, causing the stock price to soar. McWhortle issued a press statement urging investors to wait for clinical results.

June 2, 2003: McWhortle Enterprises today announced the first shipments of its new prototype computer micro-chip, which is able to detect all kinds of airborne virus, including SARS. The micro-chip fits easily into the back of the original Bio-Hazard Alert Detector 7000 using an ordinary pen-knife to open the casing. The company also announced a record breaking contract deal with a consortium of major international airlines, who are providing upgraded Bio-Hazard 7000 Plus units to all employees. Revenue from this contract will double second quarter 2003 profits per share.

December 31, 2002: McWhortle Enterprises proudly announces completion of its new manufacturing facility in the Zhejiang province of China. This province hugs the shore of the East China Sea and boasts many scenic wonders. The dry, desert-like weather of the location (which is so critical to manufacturing computer micro-chips) will make the new plant extremely efficient. Success of the facility will depend upon frequent travel to and from China in the next year by corporate officials, suppliers, and other professionals.

June 15, 2002: At today's annual meeting, McWhortle Enterprises announced the election of two new Board members. These Board members, a CEO and President of two major suppliers of McWhortle products, will lend impressive expertise to the McWhortle Board. Their selection complements an already outstanding and professional group of Board members, who meet at least twice a year to discuss company matters. In addition, Board member Jennifer McWhortle, who is the sister of Tom McWhortle, has been elected to serve a second consecutive term as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Jennifer McWhortle, an accomplished artist and former schoolteacher, has extensive knowledge of matters connected with the Company.

January 25, 2002: McWhortle Enterprises announces plans to go public on January 30, the day the company’s official Registration Statement will be filed at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. Read the press release.

September 30, 2001: McWhortle today announced record earnings for the third quarter. Earnings, calculated before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization, jumped 45% on an annualized basis from the prior year, as shown in the pro forma financial statements filed today. This solid performance has been noted by analysts following the company and compares very favorably with earnings at other defense-related multinational companies. Click here to view the financial statements.