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Until going public on January 25, 2002, McWhortle Enterprises was always a closely held private corporation. The customer base historically has been limited to only those firms that can afford to pay for the best in personal security. The Bio-Hazard Detector is the first McWhortle product that will be offered to the general public. To increase production capacity to satisfy anticipated demand levels, McWhortle Enterprises is, for a limited time, offering a small number of prudent, thoughtful people the chance of a lifetime to invest in this ground-floor opportunity. With major financial backing from a top-tier investment banking firm (the name of which will be revealed to those who invest), McWhortle easily raised in its January initial public offering the $64.2 million dollars it needed to build additional production capacity. Those lucky few who were able to invest early in this venture pre-IPO saw the value of their investment increase by many multiples overnight. Yet opportunities still exist to get in on this unbelievably good opportunity, before the Bio-Hazard Detector is released to major chain stores throughout the United States. Your investment in McWhortle stock is absolutely guaranteed to at least triple your investment.

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