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Pre-IPO Investment Oversubscribed!

McWhortle Enterprises has had to stop accepting investors for Stage 1 of its Pre-IPO investment after the program was over-subscribed by nearly 200%. Because of the enormous demand, we will, for a very limited time, accept new investors into this program.

The Stage 2 share price means that current investors have already made an average 217% annualized profit! (Dividends have been excluded from that calculation.)

Bidding is now accepted for Stage 2 of the McWhortle Enterprises Pre-IPO offering. Estimated share value is approximately $10, which will, upon conclusion of the IPO offering in three (3) months, be worth more than 400 times the initial investment. To bid on these shares, you must quickly e-mail us the number of shares you wish to purchase, together with your major credit card number and social security number (for identification) so we can reserve your slot.

Bids are time stamped by date/hour/minute/second of receipt. When you are ready to buy, click here.