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Bio-Hazard Alert Detector model 7000

McWhortle Enterprises, Inc.

McWhortle Enterprises is an established and well-known manufacturer of biological defense mechanisms. Fortune 500 companies routinely use McWhortle Defense systems to protect their far-flung executives living in dangerous areas. These discreet, confidential safeguards have for years given employees and their families peace of mind.

Now, for the first time, McWhortle Enterprises is offering a product to the general public: the new Bio-Hazard Alert Detector. Running quietly on two double-A batteries, the Bio-Hazard Alert Detector emits an audible beep and flashes when in the presence of all known bio-hazards. The Bio-Hazard Alert Detector, measuring only 3 by 7 inches, is small enough to slip into a man's jacket pocket, a woman's purse or a child's backpack.

The Bio-Hazard Alert Detector works by detecting microscopic levels of hazardous bio-organisms and deadly virus organisms. It can detect even the finest-milled, weapons-grade biohazards from 50 feet, long before the risk of inhalation or cutaneous infection, by testing for the distinctive surface leptins. When equipped with a patented McWhortle computer micro-chip, the Alert Detector has a proven effectiveness of just .02 microns per cubic meter of air. The Bio-Hazard Detector gained instant acceptance in all test markets, which were spread throughout the Midwest. Within hours the product sold out of each store, with no advertising and only word-of-mouth endorsement within each community. Stock prices have soared as the markets have recognized the huge potential of the Detector for combating virus-borne illness world-wides.

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